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About Us

About a year ago I was sitting at a table with Jim Nothers following a marathon with a cup of "coffee".

Between us we had over 100 medals. Not a single medal had a time on it. All were naked and while some had the bib pinned to the ribbon, none had the times. I know what my current PR is for each of the standard distances but I couldn't remember what each individual race ended up being. Some people can remember, but I can't.

Yes I can go to a couple of different websites to find out times but that wouldn't help a quick look down memory lane. I worked hard for that distance and reflection of my achievment is allowed. It suddenly became important for me to know the times and masking tape and felt markers were not going to look good.

Jim owns Nothers Signs & Recognition and has been laser engraving trophies and plaques for years. The equipment is the same, the sourcing is the same and the only thing different is the fullfillment. We were on to a solution.

JIm tested a number of different metal substrates and methods of etching to come up with one that looked nice and would stand the test of time on all my medals.

The first FinishTag went out the door and we haven't looked back since.