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Finish Tags

You entered the race (what was I thinking?)

You ran the race (it wasn't pretty)

You finished (but I did it).

Now commerate your effort with a FinishTag for the medal you received. The FinishTag has a flexible surface to easily apply to your medal. It comes fully engraved with your name and time. Low cost and easy to apply to just about any medal.

Finish Tags are made in North America which makes shipping easy and you can trust the quality.

Whether you need one(1) or 100 different tags we can help. Our process allows us to quickly and accurately engrave any number of tags for your medals.

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  • Running tags
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  • Triathlon tags

Your Feedback

"Wow .. that was quick. I just put the order in and next thing I knew there was an envelope at the door. You got everything right (I ordered 17 different tags, one for each medal) and one even stuck to the glass medal. Thank you

Jo R., Richmond, Virginia

Our Gaurantee

If you are not 100% happy with the quality of our FinishTag we will replace it. If you (oops) missed the spelling of your own name or the time .. we replace at a lower cost.

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